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          MP3 is a special MPEG Format, in Layer 3 Audio. An MP3 file is a compressed Wave File in various sampling rates (11025Hz, 22050Hz, 44100Hz), in different channels (Mono or Stereo) and in different sampling size (8bit or 16bit). An MP3 File with High Quality Sound (44KHz, Stereo 16bit) has the same quality as a CD Track.

         If we could make a Wave File with the parameters 44.1KHz, Stereo, 16bit of 1-minute music (or sound/audio), we could see that it takes about 11 (eleven) MBs of disk space. If we coverted the Wave file into MP3 audio format, the compressed file will be 1 (one) MB! In this way, if we could fill up a CD with mp3 songs it could bring us about 700 minutes (=11,6 hours) of music, while a normal Audio CD has capabilities of 70-74 minutes of audio.

          There are several programs (running most on Windows 32bit) that play directly the MP3 Files (example museArc and WinAmp). These programs are actually doing a live decompression of the file, while are playing it! That's why, you need a powerful machine to run them in. A Pentium processor is required, in speed at least 100 MHz and some considerable RAM (16MB is good but with 8MB will work too), so that you can play a CD Quality File (44100Hz, Stereo 16bit).

          What's my relation with MP3? I am fan of the MP3 technology. I 'm collecting MP3 files for quite a long time. I like greek rock music and I am currently producing some Greek (.mp3) Songs.

          For more information about my mp3 files, you can contact with me via ICQ - UIN 3804205 (Authorization is required...)

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